The Business Allianz


The Convergenz Business Allianz is a private business organization designed exclusively for Business Owners and CEOs that are committed to growing and improving their respective businesses.





Our purpose is to connect you with other business owners and CEOs in a trusted, private forum to tackle your toughest business issues and exchange market knowledge, business resources and referrals, best practices, experiences, ideas, and strategies.

Our members are thoroughly vetted, have a proven track record, and are willing and able to help you reach your goals.




The Convergenz Business Allianz is a unique, exclusive, membership-based Allianz that operates as an exclusive, private business club for CEOs.  Utilizing a variety of collaborative formats, we will bring you together with the Business Owners and CEOs of other, like-sized, top-performing companies.

Through the Allianz, we will put you in front of the decision makers of your target prospects enabling you to build relationships that will shorten the sales/conversion cycle of your product or service offering.

The group will also become an invaluable resource for finding the best personnel for your team, sharing experiences and best practices, and obtaining updates on local market developments.

Whether you are looking to grow your business revenue or improve your business operations, the Convergenz Business Allianz provides a variety of platforms to help you reach your business and personal goals.




Business Owners, CEOs, and Company Executives that are serious about growing and improving their business and are willing to help others do the same.




The Convergenz CEO Roundtables give members the opportunity to discuss significant events in the marketplace, specific areas of focus in their business, sharpen their messaging, and identify referrals for their business offerings.




Our CEO Receptions are designed to give our C-Suite members and guests an opportunity to gather and interact with the decision makers of other top performing companies.  You will notice the receptions to be conducted in a relaxed atmosphere, void of any formal presentations, programming, or sales personnel.  We love the sales staff of our members, but we consider these receptions to be very exclusive and are restricted to the C-Suites.  Additionally, you may find other CEO’s that would like to have further discussions with you over the next few days or weeks.  You should feel free to exchange contact information, schedule appointments, or plan a lunch with them or anyone with whom you might see a possible business opportunity.




Many business owners have developed professional skills, received technical training, or even learned a trade or vocation. However, none of these guarantee success in a business venture.  In fact, in many cases, we have found business owners with excellent professional or trade skill sets that have not received any business training at all. They have discovered that performing a service or producing a product requires an entirely different skill set from operating a successful business.  The focus of our workshops is to help you identify, plan, and execute a business strategy that will help you grow and improve your business resulting in more time, money, and freedom for you.  

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