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Janice met with her prospective client and did her best at describing the value she would bring to a coaching engagement.  The prospect was impressed with many of the ideas she proposed, but then asked her, "What are your professional credentials?"  

Janice had a bachelor degree from a good school and a very successful career with a Fortune 500 company, but she lacked any professional designation with her new career as a consultant.  The prospect eventually chose to engage with another consultant.

Does this sound like you?  Have you been considering a certification program in the past, but haven't invested due to the up-front cost?  The Convergenz Institute of Consulting is your answer!

Our experience has demonstrated that Accreditated Consultants will experience the following:

  • More clients,
  • Higher paying clients,
  • Higher client retention,
  • Higher client referrals, and most importantly,
  • Better client results.

At the Convergenz Institute of Consulting, we have partnered with the faculty and staff of Williamson College to develop a curriculum that is rigorous, challenging, and most importantly, practical.  We also believe that getting the education and accreditation you need to better serve your clients should be affordable to the business coach just beginning their practice as well as the seasoned veterans that have been in practice for years.

You will notice that at the Convergenz Institute of Consulting, we prefer to use the term accredited in place of the term certified.  We believe it is a more accurate descriptor of the designation earned by individuals that are willing to commit their time and resources to developing their craft to bring greater benefits to their clients.

Our aim at the Convergenz Institute of Consulting is to help new and seasoned consultants, develop and perfect their craft, to have a positive impact on the clients to whom they serve, and build solid, healthy practices that will thrive in a competitive environment.  We also believe consultants should be in a cycle of continuous learning and as such have created a path with three distinct levels of accreditation.  Each of these accreditations will be awarded upon successful completion of the required academic work, field work, and exam.

To ensure your success, you will have one of our advisors with the designation, Accredited Master Business Consultant (AMBC), available to walk beside you through your journey.  You will find their experience to be valuable, not only to the completion of the curriculum but also to the success of your coaching practice.

The current consulting accreditation programs are as follows:

Upon successful completion of your program, you will receive a digital and print version of a certificate to display for your clients.  You will also have use of our individual seals, distinguishing you and the commitment you have made to your profession.

Through the Convergenz Institute of Consulting, you will learn, acquire, and develop:

  • The technical skills necessary to analyze industries, markets, and companies,
  • Identify cultural and strategic issues facing your clients,
  • Communication skills to increase effectiveness with your clients,
  • The tools that will help you work with the entire organization, and
  • Proven strategies to operate and grow your coaching practice.

You will find the curriculum rigorous, challenging, and most importantly, practical. Along with faculty and staff of Williamson College, the curriculum is developed by Accredited Master Business Consultants (MBCA) and is continuously updated to adjust to new market trends.

In addition to the technical skills of consulting, our BCA program relies heavily on the Everything DiSC® assessments to help coaches better understand themselves as well as their clients.  Research shows that the better we understand the preferences and tendencies of our clients, the better we will be able to help them reach their goals.

We also utilize many of the tools developed by Patrick Lencioni, author of "The 5-Dysfunctions of A Team."  We have discovered the tools and assessments utilized in Lencioni's "The 5-Behaviors of A Cohesive Team" provide valuable insights and strategies to improving both individual and team performance.

Additional Value

Additionally, as an Authorized Partner of Everything DiSC® and The 5 -Behaviors of A Cohesive Team, we will establish a sub-account for you upon successful completion of your accreditation.  This sub-account will enable you to order any of the Everything DiSC profiles for your clients and have them customized with your logo and contact information, adding a high degree of professionalism to your service offerings.

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