Energy Lighting Services is not a lighting company, nor are we an electrical contractor. Our only focus is our customer's electric bill. Period. We focus on very specific ways to reduce energy expenses. We get paid by saving our customers money. Period.

LED lighting is the lighting of the future and it is available now for your commercial building. Hospitals, distribution centers, warehouses, factories, offices, and parking areas are all retrofitting to LEDs to save energy and save money. Why? Because LEDs last longer, require little to no maintenance and offer brighter, crisper, clearer light for a fraction of the cost of traditional lighting sources.

The dictionary tells us that consulting is “the business of giving expert advice to other professionals, typically in financial and business matters”. This is exactly what we do at Future Vision Energy. We consult CEOs, CFOs, Facility Mangers, and Business Owners in specific ways to save energy and save money in their commercial buildings through specific custom LED lighting system technology.

Our services require no out-of-pocket capital expenses in most cases. 100% of our customers have increased cash flow from day one as a result of our energy efficiency consulting services. We have partnered with experts in energy efficiency funding to provide 100% no money out-of-pocket programs for our customers.

Lighting controls are a simple way to gain more efficiency and control of your lighting system. If implemented by professional lighting designers and consultants who are focused on energy efficiency, lighting controls can add as much as 50% additional efficiency to your system, saving you energy and money!

The first step to recovery is awareness! In order to solve any problem,  you must first recognize that you have one. That is why electricity monitoring is such an important part of our services at Future Vision  Energy. You may not realize how much money you are wasting on electricity through your lighting system unless you monitor its use. You are probably going to be amazed at how much money you’re wasting through your lighting system.