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CAPSTONE Business Advisors, LLC serves owners of privately-held businesses, executive officers of corporations, investment fund managers, trustees, and high net worth individuals by assisting them with strategic and business planning advice, support and execution. This may include expansion through acquisition and/or internal growth, short or long term exit strategies for all or part of their business, assessments, valuations, consulting and negotiations with prospective companies and merger candidates. Who We Are We are built on two core principles: integrity and lasting relationships. We are committed to dedicated service to a select clientele. We are a boutique firm that is results-oriented, realistic and effective. We are seasoned in the complexities of privately-held, often family-owned businesses. We take a sophisticated, team approach based on real and relevant business experience. We are not bait and switch artists, snake oil or commission-breath salesmen. We are not a commercial listing service for troubled businesses. We are not traditional Wall Street bankers or advisors in 3-piece suits and $1,000 loafers. We are not slick, pie-in-the-sky seminar presenters who prey on a business owner’s emotions. We are not limited to textbook theory, formulas and corporate thinking.