What Our Clients Are Saying About Us


“In a world where coaching and consulting has become commonplace, there are few that really stand out.  B.J. Howard and his firm, Convergenz, is one of them.  When I need to put my reputation on the line in recommending a professional coach, it’s for B.J.  He understands the intricacies of senior leadership as well as the strategy process from start to finish.  And better yet, you’ll also make a life-long friend in the process!”

Ed. S., President



“B.J. is a great business consultant and strategist whose help has been invaluable to our law firm. Not only is he great for the team, but he truly seeks to know and assist everyone individually. I would recommend (and have recommended) B.J. to anyone looking to grow or simply improve their business."

Erika P., Partner



“Our association with B.J. Howard and his company has been the best choice that my partner and I have made, second only to our decision to base our vaccination and wellness service in Nashville, TN! In the few short months that we have known him, B.J. has radically changed our business by offering a level of executive coaching that far surpasses anything else we have ever done.  He has challenged us to rethink the way we work with each other, the way we manage our employees and the way we do business.  B.J. has introduced us to a network of other CEO's from a multitude of diverse businesses, all of whom have the same goals as ours...to offer excellent products and services to the public, to maintain a safe and mutually beneficial work environment for our employees, to provide for the financial security of our families and to glorify and honor God in all we do.  We truly feel that our relationship with B.J. and his organization is changing our business in a way that will positively impact many people for years to come."

Kaye I., President/CEO



“As a business owner, you want guidance and insight to the current market. B.J. took lots of time learning about our company and studied about the current market we are in. He gave a very thorough market analysis to me and was very professional. Whether starting a business or thinking about expanding it, Convergenz is a great resource for your business."

Josh S., President



“B.J. has an extensive level of both experience and education in the underlying fundamentals in helping businesses grow.  As my company was struggling to transition to the "next level", B.J. has been instrumental in helping me discover the steps necessary to attain my goals."

Paula S., Owner



“B.J. is great at what he does.  He is extremely organized and prepared when we meet and will make sure that he has done the research needed to provide you with accurate information that will benefit your business.  B.J. is great to work with and I would recommend him again and again."

Kelli M., President



“B.J. Howard is outstanding. He has a broad level of experience which allows him to use all that he has learned to take companies to the next level. Over many years I have observed BJ grow into an intelligent, diligent, competitive, hard working and ethical professional who excels even when no one is looking. He is a problem solver who not only is able to recognize problem areas but also develop sound appropriate solutions. BJ can be counted on to handle any task no matter how complex. I would give him my highest recommendation.”

Michael H., Senior District Manager



"B.J. brings a fresh academic approach to his coaching.  His years of experience have created an offering that takes the best of sound business principles and combines that with an eye for the practical.  He has a systematic approach to helping business owners get where they want to go while building a real company without a simple focus of just being self-employed."

Kerry M., Founding Partner